Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Victoria's Secret, VS Fantasies, Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream in Dare

Site description is, "Dare to be sexy—this rich limited-edition cream leaves a subtle scent of coral lily and lychee. This intensive formula provides 24-hour moisture with nourishing avocado and sweet almond oils."

I love this packaging! I love the metallic purple background with matte cheetah prints. The gold ups the elegance. I'm not sure why they added the black line in the middle. It cuts the eyes and it's just intrusive.

This lotion smells fruity but also heavier like a perfume. It is super thick and actually reminds me of the consistency of Greek yogurt lol. This lotion is so greasy that it actually makes my skin shiny.

It's nice but again at $14 I wouldn't buy it again. I got it for $5 during a holiday deal. I'd recommend this for someone who likes scented lotions but isn't looking for serious moisture.

An interesting note is that I'm allergic to tree nuts, and yet when I put these lotions on I didn't break out or anything. Note: I'm not recommend you try these if your allergic, I'm just saying. 

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