Sunday, July 12, 2015


So the Eddie Borgo for Target is now online and I just got my order in....

Wait what? Yes, you heard me. Target didn't crash, although for a hot minute I thought it was going to, but it didn't.

Maybe this collab isn't going to be as popular? I hope stuff goes on sale ;3

Honestly only some of the charms appealed to me and I'm not going to pay $12.99 for one, when I need like, ten. Yes, I'm cheap. I really hope they go on sale.

Nothing but the bags really appeals to me, I'm not a huge fan of the earrings or necklaces.
I do kinda like the look of the belt.

I went a little over budget though.... #NoRegrets #YOLO
So no more shopping for me. I would really like to get the charms for the bags but when I went back and added all that I wanted/'needed' for the bags it was over $100. 

As for what I bought I got three Mini Backpacks in White Marble, Black Galaxy, and Silver Mirror. And I also got the Mini Bucket Bag in Black Galaxy.

What did you guys get? Are you excited?