Sunday, July 6, 2014

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain full collection (Swatches & Review)

Pictured left to right: 001 India Intrigue, 005 Parisian Passion, 010 LA Exclusive, 015 Barcelona Nights, 020 Rio Rush,   025 Cannes Crush, 030 Milan Moment, 035 Miami Fever, 040 Shanghai Sizzle, 045 New York Scene, 050 London Posh, 055 Stockholm Chic.
The Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain collection consists of 12 shades.
The packaging is nice because there are windows that show that actual color of the formulas.
I like that the Revlon logo is perpendicular to the product name, it's eye catching.

The standouts in this collection are definitely the reds, they are super uniform and pigmented.
You'll see in the swatches.

001 India Intrigue

005 Parisian Passion

010 LA Exclusive

015 Barcelona Nights

020 Rio Rush

025 Cannes Crush

030 Milan Moment

035 Miami Fever

040 Shanghai Sizzle

045 New York Scene

050 London Posh

055 Stockholm Chic

So the verdict? For something that has the words "ColorStay" and "Stain" in it this product fails.
None of the colors left me with any leftover color or a stain.

On top of that the color comes off fairly easily. I ate with these on and, even though I was being
careful, after the meal none of the product was present on my lips.

The products also have a weird smell to them. Not exactly unpleasant but nothing good either. I can't for the life of me pin the smell down though. 

They have a watery consistency but after they sit on your lips for a couple minutes they thicken up, A Lot.

They hard to apply, you get a lot of product on the edges of your lips, I don't know if it's the applicator or just the formula, the formula also feathers.

Overall if your going to get these go for the reds and London Posh.

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