Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swatch and Review of Hard Candy Cheeks & Balances Highlight & Contour Cheek Duo in "805 Sweet Cheeks"

One of the new additions from Hard Candy's Spring 2014 releases.

First off, how cute is that name? Cheeks & Balances, hurr hurr lol.
Hard Candy's Cheeks & Balances Highlight & Contour Cheek Duo in "805 Sweet Cheeks"
These are available in 3 shades. I got mine from my local Walmart for $7

The blush packaging seems like it made out of a cheap light-weight plastic.
You spin the makeup up by the wheel near the bottom.

I didn't like how the design was just kind of Saran Wrapped on :(
I'm a nut for pretty packaging, and I was disappointed with the packaging Hard Candy used.
With this type of packaging dirt ends up building up underneath the edges and the wrapping ends up geting all wonky. Not only do I end up tearing off the plastic because it's unsightly, it's not hygienic.
This is it all scrolled up :)
When I first scrolled it all the way up I was like "wtf" but after using it I think that it will last me a good while, even though it doesn't look like much.

The Swatch. So Pretty and Shimmery!!!
This is a shimmery blush, definitely not matte, but don't fear! It doesn't make you look like a discoball! It shows up as a healthy, beautiful glow.

So even though the packaging sucks, the makeup itself is FABULOUS!

 The formula is nice because you can easily build up the color, or not, it's really versatile.
  The formula feels slightly grainy,  also kind of dry for a cream blush, if that makes sense.

Kinda War-Painty right? ;)


I just blended it in a circular motion with my fingertips

I thought it seemed gimmicky and too good to be true but they really work! 
I love this blush :)

I totally recommend <3

Blushed Cheek VS Non Blushed Cheek
Feat. Hard Candy's Ombre Lipsticks in 764 Courageous

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