Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SheInside Shopping Review

So just recently I reviewed the online shop Oasap, favorably I might add, check it out here.

I won a free trial from the shopping site SheInside and from what I gather they are similar to Oasap. They are both located in Hong Kong, both sites offer similar items, and often times same items, they have the same site layouts and the same free trial business and both offer free standard shipping. 

Except for me one is better than the other. I ordered from both sites at around the same time and I already got my package from Oasap, I ordered from them 10/03/13. 

I ordered a sweater from SheInside on 10/09/13 and I just got a packaged shipped email confirmation from them on 10/27/13... WHAT? Yes, just a couple days ago I got a shipment confirmation from them. Oasap is way quicker, even though I picked the free shipping option from both sites. 

I will update this review with the actual sweater review once I well.. actually get the sweater lol. 

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